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Golf Manitoba currently has approximately 80 member clubs/groups and 10,000 adult and junior members. Our mission is to develop, promote, govern and service the game of golf in Manitoba and North West Ontario for the benefit of all participants. The following are the services Golf Manitoba provides:

Rural Clinics

Member clubs can arrange to have clinics conducted by Golf Manitoba. These clinics are conducted throughout the summer months and cover all aspects of the game.

School Program

Golf instruction is provided to school children throughout Manitoba and North West Ontario. Golf Manitoba utilizes the Golf in Schools (elementary & high school) and Future Links driven by Acura programs to introduce the game to young people. The program can be conducted either indoors in a gymnasium or outside in the school yard.


A number of different types of camps are held annually for golfers at the beginner, intermediate and advanced skill level. Golf Manitoba employs PGA of Canada Golf Professional Garth Goodbrandson who leads a team of fellow Golf Professionals in conducting a very extensive Player Development program. Annually, the program is reviewed and new information and ideas are added to provide Manitoba and North West Ontario golfers with the best opportunities available.

Course and Slope Rating

A Golf Canada Course Rating is the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for scratch golfers under normal conditions based on yardage and other obstacles. This rating is expressed as the number of strokes a scratch player would take in playing the course (e.g. 71.5).

A Golf Canada Slope Rating is an evaluation of how much more difficult the course plays for individuals who are not scratch golfers (bogey golfers). This rating is expressed as a whole number in the range of 70 to 150. When the evaluation indicates a course is of equal difficulty for the scratch and bogey golfer, its slope rating is 113.

All golf courses which are members of Golf Manitoba and Golf Canada are permitted to use the course and slope rating trademarks. This service allows member clubs to provide golfers at their course with a standardized measurement for the difficulty of the course as well as the difficulty between players.

Course ratings are conducted on a ten year cycle with new courses being rated every three years until they are ten years old.

Golf Manitoba has a schedule of courses to be rated annually based on the ten year cycle as well as new member courses joining the Association.


All member clubs in Manitoba and North West Ontario are eligible to provide their members with a certified handicap factor and can register to use the Golf Canada Score Centre at at no cost. The Score Centre at provides real time handicap factors, accurate course ratings and easy access for Golf Canada/Golf Manitoba members/member clubs with internet access to use at clubs, home, work or elsewhere.


Golf Manitoba maintains an instructional video library, resource information of golf course management and interpretations on the rules of golf. These resources are available for members and member clubs to borrow.


The annual Golf Manitoba magazine (Manitoba Golfer) is delivered to all member clubs and a publication of a newsletters from Golf Manitoba and Golf Canada are sent electronically to all interested members. Members can also receive home delivery of Golf Canada magazine.


The Manitoba Golf Scholarship Fund annually provides financial support to deserving young men and women pursuing a Canadian post-secondary education. These scholarships are available to all Golf Manitoba members with an annual submission deadline of June 30th.


Member clubs have the opportunity to host provincial and national tournaments which provides significant exposure to the club. Individual members can also compete in the many championships conducted by Golf Manitoba and Golf Canada.


Member clubs general information, course ratings and local club tournaments are posted on our website. If requested, we will provide a link from our website to a member club website.

On-line registration is available for most of Golf Manitoba tournaments.


Discounts are available on Team Canada Merchandise at

RBC Canadian Open & CP Canadian Women’s Open

Golf Manitoba and Golf Canada members receive a discounted rate for the national professional championships.



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